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All titles are in COLOR unless noted (B&W).
1944 Cleveland Rams vs Bears and Redskins Bears game in black and white and Redskin game in color! :34
1946 NFL Championship Game – Bears vs New York Giants at The Polo Grounds. Narrated by John Miley. (B&W) :30
1946 - 1955 Cleveland Browns “Ten Years With The Cleveland Browns” (The Otto Graham Decade), (B&W) :44
1948 Cleveland Browns - "The Year Around With The Browns" - Game highlights (B & W) and behind the scenes in COLOR with the team in the summer of 1948 before their '48 AAFC championship season. :44
1950 Cleveland Browns – Season Highlights (Color/B&W) :38
1951 NFL Championship Game at The Coliseum Los Angeles, Rams vs. Browns, (B&W) :49
1951 - 1960 Chicago Cardinals & Chicago Bears, Highlights of 12 different games, (B&W) :62
1952 - 1960 Chicago Bears (mostly Packer games) plus 1959 Chicago Bears (11 games total, B&W) :55
1951 Philadelphia Eagles – Season Highlights, (B&W) :30
1951 Pittsburgh Steelers Highlights (First half of season only), (B&W) :25
1952 Pittsburgh Steelers Highlights, all 12 games shown, (B&W) :30
1953 Pittsburgh Steelers Highlights, all 12 games shown, (B&W) :49
1954 Pittsburgh Steelers Highlights, All 12 games shown, (B&W) :51
1951 New York Giants Highlights - Shows 8 different games, (rookie Kyle Rote and Eddie Price). Narrated by Marty Glickman. B&W :35
1952+53 New York Giants Highlights - Both years on one DVD! Shows 19 different games. Narrated by Marty Glickman (B&W) 1:05
1954 New York Giants Highlights - Nine games shown, (B&W) :23
1953 Detriot Lions Highlights (World Champions) 12 games including NFL championship, (B&W) :56
1953 Green Bay Packers Highlights, 11 of 12 games shown, (B&W) :46
1954 Green Bay Packers Highlights, All 12 games shown, (B&W) :51
1956 Green Bay Packers Highlights of all 12 games of the Packers' 1956 Season!   (B&W) :51
1952 “This Week In The NFL” (Titled “National Pro Highlights”), with Harry Wismer, covers every NFL game from week 1 and week 4 of the ’52 NFL season. (B&W) :55
1954 “Time for Football” – Weekly TV NFL Highlights: Weeks 1 and 6 (w/Hams Beer commercials), (B&W) :58
1954 NFL Championship Game at Cleveland (Browns vs Lions) plus: 1954 Detroit Lions Highlights and 1954 Cleveland Browns Highlights, all on one DVD!  (Color/B&W) 1:36
1955 NFL Championship Game at The Coliseum (Browns vs Rams) – Otto Graham's last game! (COLOR!) :28
1955 and 1956 Detroit Lions Highlights – Both on one DVD in COLOR! Bobby Layne, Doak Walker, etc. and narrated by Van Patrick. 1:01
1956 NFL Highlights Of The Year plus "Time For Football" (Week 4 - Games of October 21, 1956) - narrated by Jim Leaming. All six games from week 4, and each team's best game from the '56 season, all on one DVD! (B&W) :52
1956 NFL Championship Game at Yankee Stadium (Giants vs. Bears) COLOR, plus 8 other Bear games, 1953-1959, (B&W) :56
1957 “Time For Football” plus 1957 NFL Highlights – Week 14 Highlights plus 1957 NFL Season Highlights, all on one DVD!   (B & W) :52
1957 NFL Championship Game at Briggs Stadium - Lions vs Browns plus regular season highlights of both teams! B & W and Color! 1:43
1957+1958 Los Angeles Rams Highlights Narrated by Bob Kelly.  Includes nice player closeups and original Falstaff commercials! (B & W) 1:06
1958 “See the Pros” - NFL TV show w/host Glenn Davis on Week 2 and Week 3 of the '58 season. Includes player interviews, special 'mystery guests' and original commercials, (B&W) :55
1958 “See the Pros” (Week 4 and Week 5) - With host Glenn Davis and original commercials. Mostly game highlights, but also Special Guests Eddie LeBaron, Billy Wilson, Bobby Dillon and Billy Wade. (B & W) :56
1958 NFL Highlights – (all 12 teams) plus 1958 Chicago Cardinals Highlights, (B&W) :64
1958 Cleveland Browns Highlights – Shows 14 games, including Eastern Playoff vs Giants!  Narrated by Ken Coleman. B & W :44
1958 NFL Championship Game – Colts vs Giants at Yankee Stadium. Also includes both “1958 Baltimore Colts” and “1958 New York Giants” regular season highlight films, plus newsreel ground-level shots of the game, a total of five films, all on one B&W DVD! 2:10
1958+1959 Green Bay Packers Highlights – The transition years of the Packers, a team evolving from losers to winners under the remarkable Vince Lombardi, who would turn the club into a dynasty in the decades ahead! (B & W) :56
1959 San Francisco 49'ers Highlights plus "Time For Football" Week 8, 1959 – 49'ers season plus weekly NFL Highlights TV show, both on one DVD! (B & W) :57
1959 Cleveland Browns Highlights plus 1959 NFL Highlights of the Year, both on one DVD! :57
1959 Chicago Cardinals and 1959 Chicago Bears Highlights, both on one DVD! Cardinals' last year in Chicago and only year playing at Soldier Field! Includes two "Old Pro" commercials! B & W 1:00
1959 NFL Championship Game – Colts vs Giants at Baltimore. Also includes both 1959 New York Giants and 1959 Baltimore Colts regular season highlights - all three films on one DVD! (B & W) 1:39
1960 Washington Redskins vs New York Giants Game at Yankee Stadium plus “The Violent World of Sam Huff” – Oldest known NFL kinescope (narrated by Jack Brickhouse). In “Violent World” Huff is miked for sound at Bears game. Both on one DVD! (B&W) 1:22
1960 "Time For Football" Weekly NFL Highlights TV show (Week 4 and Week 5, both on one DVD!) B&W :44
1960 Los Angeles Rams Highlights, with Bob Kelley, (B&W) :33
1960 New York Giants Highlights (color) plus 1960 Buffalo Bills Highlights (B & W), both on one DVD! One of the NFL’s early COLOR films, and the first AFL season of the Bills! :61
1960 Dallas Cowboys (First season highlights) plus 1961 “Time For Football” opening week – (first Cowboy win, plus Vikings first win ever!), (B&W) :48
1960 NFL Championship Game –Eagles vs Packers at Franklin Field. Also includes both 1960 Packers and Eagles regular season highlights, all three films on one DVD! B & W and COLOR! 1:13
1960-1961 Chicago Bears Highlights – Narrated by Jack Brickhouse. Nice player closeups and original Falstaff commercial! Rookie Mike Ditka!
(B & W)
1960 Detroit Lions Highlights – plus "Time for Football" (Week 11) - Six Lions games, then all six NFL games from week 11 of the '60 season! (Add $10 for Blu-Ray) B & W :55
1961 Detroit Lions Highlights and “Time For Football” (1961, Week 4) both on one DVD! Lions finish second and beat Eagles in the Annual Playoff Bowl in Miami!     B & W :58
1961 Minnesota Vikings Highlights (First Season)! — First Vikings win ever, plus spotlight on the players and the other victories of the season! Narrated by Jim Leaming.   (B & W) :32
1961 San Francisco 49'ers highlights plus "Time For Football!" (Week 8) — Five 49'er games, then all six NFL games from week 8 of the '61 season!'   (B & W) :56
1961 NFL Title Game at Green Bay - Packers vs Giants. Complete full-game TV broadcast with original commercials! B & W Kinescope! 2:44
1961 NFL Highlights – Highlights of each team's best game of the '61 season, (B&W) :26
1961 and 1962 Philadelphia Eagles Highlights, both on one DVD! Defending World Champs and young Sonny Jurgensen have great year, but lose Playoff Bowl in 1961! Both years narrated by Jim Leaming. (B&W) 1:01
1961 and 1962 Los Angeles Rams Highlights with Bob Kelley & Tom Harmon, both on one DVD! Matson, Arnett, Bass and rookies Merlin Olsen and Roman Gabriel. (B&W) 1:04
**1962Pro Football Kickoff With Tom Brookshire – Set of almost every TV show from the ’62 season. Great player closeups and original commercials! Narrated by Jim Leaming. (B & W)     (**$39.95 dual layer disc) 3:14
1962 Detroit Lions Highlights – Narrated by Van Patrick. Includes Thanksgiving Day Classic vs Packers! :31
1962 NFL Championship Game at Yankee Stadium - (plus 1962 Giants (color) and 1962 Packers (B&W) regular season highlights, all on one DVD! Includes several B&W commercials! Mostly Color. 1:28
1962 NFL Pro Bowl Game at L.A. (Color), plus 1962 NFL Highlights (B & W), both on one DVD! Showing the greatest players of the early 1960’s in color, this Pro Bowl is also a 31-30 last-second thriller! “1962 NFL Review” (B & W) has the most outstanding plays of each team’s season! :56
1962 Jon Arnett "Story of a Football Pro" - A long-lost TV special and a behind-the-scenes look at star NFL halfback Jon Arnett of the Los Angeles Rams. B & W :27
1962+1963 Baltimore Colts Highlights - Includes "The Golden Decade" (Colts of 1953-1962), narrated by Chuck Thompson. (B & W)             :57
1963 Cleveland Browns Highlights – Jim Brown’s greatest year! (Narrated by Ken Coleman), (B&W) :38
1963 Chicago Bears Highlights – World Championship season narrated by Jack Brickhouse! (B&W) :37
1963 NFL Championship Game at Wrigley Field (Bears vs. Giants), or video COLOR! :27
1963 NFL Highlights - Official NFL Highlight film of the '63 season, narrated by Jim Leaming.(B & W) :27
1964 NFL Hghlights - Two different films were made for ”64 - here are both of them on one DVD! (B & W and COLOR) :55
1963 and 1964 St. Louis Cardinals Football Highlights (Both on one video), (B&W) :57
1964 “Run To Daylight” with Vince Lombardi – behind the scenes TV documentary on ’64 Packer training camp! (B&W) :55
1964 NFL Championship Game at Cleveland – Browns vs Colts plus pre-game behind the scenes, (Color/B&W) :53
1965 Browns vs 49’ers – “Mayhem On A Sunday Afternoon” is a behind-the-scenes documentary of the World Champion Browns and S.F. 49’ers in training camp and includes the first pre-season game of the season at old Kezar Stadium! (B & W) :58
1965 Browns vs Eagles – NFL “Game Of The Week”, October 3 at Franklin Field (week 3). COLOR :27
1965 Eagles vs Redskins at Franklin Field - NFL "Game of the Week" (Week 9, Nov. 14). Narrated by Tom Brookshier. COLOR :27
1965 Eagles vs Cardinals at old Busch Stadium, St. Louis – NFL "Game of the Week" (Week 11, Nov. 28). Narrated by Tom Brookshier. COLOR :25
1965 Baltimore Colts plus "Portrait of a Team" - (long-lost ABC-TV Colts special on their 1965 season and behind the scenes at the sudden death playoff at Green Bay).     (Add $10 for Blu-Ray)       Color / B & W. 1:29
1965 NFL Championship Game at Lambeau Field (Packers vs Browns) plus regular season highlights of both teams and Packers vs Colts Western Championship sudden death overtime game (long version), all on one DVD!  All Color! 1:45
1966 NFL "Games-of-the-Week" - (Weeks 2, 3 and 15) - Cardinals vs Redskins at St. Louis, Cardinals vs Browns at Cleveland and Browns vs Cardinals at St. Louis, all on one DVD!  All Color! 1:17
1966 NFL "Games-of-The-Week" (Week 4) - Cardinals vs Eagles at Franklin Field plus Bears vs Vikings at old Met Stadium, Minneapolis, both on one DVD! COLOR :52
1966 NFL "Games-of-The-Week" (Week 5) - Cardinals vs Giants at new Busch Stadium, plus Bears vs Baltimore Colts at Wrigley Field, both on one DVD!   COLOR :51
1966 NFL “Game-Of-The-Week” (Week 8) – Monday night October 31, 1966 at Busch Stadium, St. Louis – Cardinals vs Bears. COLOR! :26
1966 NFL “Game-Of-The-Week” (Week 9) – Vikings vs Packers at Lambeau Field.  Another NFL Films "Lost Game"! COLOR! :26
1966 NFL “Games-Of-The-Week” (Week 13) – Colts vs Bears at Memorial Stadium, plus Giants vs Browns at Municipal Stadium, both on one DVD!   COLOR :52
1966 NFL “Games-Of-The-Week” (Week 14 and Week 15) – Packers @ Colts and Redskins @ Cowboys, plus Cowboys @ Giants and Packers @ Rams. Last two Cowboy and Packer games before they met in the ’66 NFL Championship Game! (all color)
**$39.95 – (A Two-Disk Set with two games on each disk)
1966 NFL Championship Game at Dallas, Packers vs. Cowboys plus The First Super Bowl, Packers vs. Chiefs! COLOR :54
1967 "This Week in the NFL East and West" (Week 11) - All 8 games of Thanksgiving weekend, November 23-27. First ever game of Falcons vs Saints! All Color :51
1967 "This Week in the NFL East and West" - Both on one DVD! (Week 12, all 8 games)! - Includes "Best of the Week" features.  More NFL "Lost Films"! :51
1967 Lombardi’s Last Three – Lombardi’s last three Packer games: 1967 Western Championship vs Rams at Milwaukee, the “Ice Bowl” at Green Bay, and Superbowl II. Also includes Eastern Championship Game, Browns at Dallas, all on one DVD, all in COLOR! 1:21
1968 This Week In The NFL – Games of November 10 and 17 (weeks 9 and 10), hosted by Pat Summerall. COLOR :53
1968 This Week In The NFL – Games of December 7,8 and 14,15 (the final two weeks of the 1968 NFL season)! :54
1969 NFL “Games Of The Week” – Week 13 at Wrigley Field, Packers vs Bears, plus Week 14 at old Tulane Stadium, Saints vs Steelers! :48
1976 Cardinals vs Rams game - at the Coliseum, L.A., Sunday November 14, '76.  Vin Scully and Paul Hornung on CBS TV. (B & W Kinescope) 2:05
1960 Houston Oilers “Road To The Championship” (9 games plus first AFL Championship!) (B&W) :22
1963 Buffalo Bills Highlights – 14 Games, including Eastern Division Playoff vs. Patriots, (B&W) :23
1964 Buffalo Bills Highlights “Story Of A Champion” with Van Miller. Every game plus Championship! COLOR! :38
1966 New York Jets Highlights “The Jets In Action” with Merle Harmon. COLOR! :28
1967 Oakland Raiders Highlights “Championship 67” (AFL Champions!) COLOR! :28
1967 San Diego Chargers Highlights – “The Big Play” – All home games, plus at K.C., Denver, Buffalo and Boston. Narrated by Kyle Bond. COLOR :25
1967 "The League That Came In From The Cold" - The history and success story of the American Football League, 1960-1967. Color :52
1968 "This Week In The AFL" - Games of Sept. 6-15 (first two weeks of the 1968 AFL season) - Color :51
1968 "This Week In The AFL" - Games of Sept. 21 through October 6 (Weeks 3, 4 and 5 of the 1968 AFL Season) - Color
Add only $10 more for Blu-Ray
1968 "This Week In The AFL " - Games of October 13 through 27 (Weeks 6, 7 and 8 of the '68 AFL season) - COLOR -
Add only $10 more for Blu-Ray
1968 “This Week In The AFL” - Games of November 3 and 10 (Weeks 9 and 10 of the 1968 AFL season) - Color :51
1968 "This Week In The AFL" – Games of November 17 and 24 (Weeks 11 and 12 of the 1968 AFL season) – Highlights of all the games including the infamous “Heidi” game! Raiders score 14 points in nine seconds to win the game! Bonus: End of the original TV broadcast, all in COLOR! :54
1968 "This Week In The AFL" – Games of November 28 thru Dec. 15 (Weeks 13, 14 and 15 of the '68 AFL season) – Color
Add only $10 more for Blu-Ray
NOTE: Get the entire 15-week package (set of all 6 DVD’s totaling almost 6½ hours of 1968 AFL history, and over $200 value if purchased separately) for only $140 flat, plus get FREE shipping!
1937 - 1943 College Football Highlights – Highlights of more than 80 games, including over 35 different schools, all on one DVD!   (B&W) 1:49
1953 and 1955 Notre Dame games at Oklahoma and North Carolina, both on one video!  (B&W) :52
1958 Rose Bowl partial TV broadcast (Ohio State vs Oregon) with original TV commercials. (B&W Kinescope) 1:22
1958 and 1971 Big Ten College Football Highlights, both on one video. (B&W/color) :57

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